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      In a business or in a career, success is your birthright. It happens automatically, naturally, unless you interfere with it or block it. More often than not, knowingly or unknowingly, we ourselves block our own success. We forfeit our own birthright. Our mission at Quest Systems is to help people to understand what constitutes effectiveness and to equip them with effective ways of performing any role – at office or at home. We help people at large to become effective and, therefore, successful.

The natural way to effectiveness and success

       Nature’s systems are incredibly effective. Complex interdependencies, yet perfect co-ordination.
On the other hand, the systems designed by human beings often flounder. The ideas may be quite brilliant, but the execution is often poor. The promise is frustrated by the performance.
The systems designed by human beings – companies, institutions, even educational and professional careers – can indeed be as effective as natural systems, but the human beings should learn to recognise and value and respect the similarities. If we appreciate that companies and institutions and individuals have their own inherent natural characteristics, we will learn to harness them to mutual advantage. We will know when to tinker with the systems and when to leave them alone.
At Quest Systems, we have devoted over 35 years to observing how the fundamental laws of nature rule the professional behaviour of individuals and their institutions. Over these years we have consistently developed systems, essentially objective software systems, to deploy these natural laws to dramatically improve personal, professional and business effectiveness.

Difference between effectiveness and efficiency

      There is a clear difference between effectiveness and efficiency. An effective person has his focus on the output, but this is always in relation to the input of his resources – input not only of the M’s (men, money, methods, materials) but also of the most critical of all resources, namely time. An efficient person, on the other hand, has his focus on the method only, and such a person will keep on putting in any amount of inputs, particularly time, on each step of the method, without considering whether it is worthwhile to put in such an amount of input for the output being realised. You may call such a person a perfectionist. There are also people who focus only on the input of resources, and they get very worried if one of the resources goes beyond their budgeted figures. Such people are merely clerks, and they can ruin any enterprise with this approach, however profitable it may have been at one time. The systems designed and developed by Quest are designed to ensure effectiveness.